Director of ‘Loki’ Season 2 Unveils Alternate Ending for Finale and Its Significance


“Loki” season two director shared the alternate finale ending and the rationale behind not proceeding with it. #Loki #SeasonTwo #AlternateEnding


So, in the finale of ‘Loki‘ Season 2, our favorite God of Mischief made the ultimate sacrifice and got himself a brand-new title – the God of Stories. He went ahead and destroyed the Time Loom, and with his time-slipping abilities, he revived all those dying branches and reignited an infinite Multiverse. Talk about a wild ride!


But in the end, it left him feeling lonely and cut off from his friends. But guess what? Just recently, the director spilled the beans on an alternate ending for the finale episode, and let me tell you, it’s mind-blowing!


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What does the alternate finale ending of Season Two of ‘Loki’ mean?

Loki saved Multiverse

So in the recently released ‘Assembled: The Making of Loki Season 2’, the director Aaron Moorhead actually revealed an alternate ending for the finale. Get this, in the alternate draft, Loki didn’t destroy the Time Loom. Instead, he saved it from imploding and then went on to ascend the throne. Moorhead said, “We all knew something was up, we just didn’t know what. Cause it was like, well he’s trying to save the Loom, he gets the throne, all of this.”

But the team felt like it was the right call for Loki to actually destroy the Time Loom, you know, so that his character arc is complete. The director even went on to explain:“But the problem was, is that he didn’t have the sacrifice and we realized, why doesn’t he destroy the Loom and then have to take over the Loom’s massive responsibility? He doesn’t get anything out of it. It seems so obvious now, it seems like exactly the right choice. But that was a watershed moment in the development of it, when we realized Loki needs to destroy and become the Loom.”

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What’s Marvel’s next Disney+ show?

What if season 2 updates

Get ready for some holiday season excitement! Disney+ just made it official – Season 2 of ‘What If…?‘ will premiere during the festive season. Mark your calendars for December 22, when the first episode drops. And guess what? Brace yourself for a daily dose of thrilling episodes leading up to the grand finale on December 30! Don’t miss out on this epic adventure!

The upcoming Season 2 of ‘What If…?‘ promises exciting and captivating storylines. Fans can look forward to epic clashes like Captain Carter versus a Winter Soldier-inspired Steve Rogers in the Hydra Stomper. Additionally, there will be a thrilling battle between Ta Lo and Asgard, a mysterious episode featuring Scarlet Witch, and the highly-anticipated return of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Get ready for an immersive and unforgettable experience!

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