Diver Bitten In The Face By A Shark Undergoes Surgical Removal Of Teeth

Featured Image Credit: LinkedIn/9News

If you have thalassophobia, it’s advisable to discontinue reading at this point…


If you have thalassophobia, it’s advisable to discontinue reading at this point…


An Australian diver recently encountered a truly nightmarish sight during a plunge into the depths of the mesmerizing blue sea.


Bridgette O’Shannessy and her dive partner Brian Gordon Peters were delighting in a free-diving session near a reef in Adelaide.

With a wealth of experience exploring the vast expanse of the world’s oceans, Bridgette had no reservations as she donned her diving gear once again.

Unbeknownst to her, a mere hour later, she would find herself hurriedly taken to the hospital, as she had been bitten on the face by a Great White shark.

As reported by Perth Now, her diving partner, Peters, bravely intervened and successfully fended off the menacing creature, immediately tending to her painful injuries with utmost care and precision.

Bridgette was bitten by a Great White shark. Credit: LinkedIn/Bridgette O’Shannessy

Bridgette was carefully transferred to a rescue boat and safely transported back to the shore.

While off-duty, lifeguard Ray Tomlinson was patiently waiting on the beach when he suddenly heard Peters’ desperate screams for help. This alarming incident occurred just moments after Bridgette had been attacked.

During an interview with 9 News, he stated: “I basically went over to assist getting the craft up onto the beach and securing it, at which time I realized there was a patient in the boat.

“He had applied pressure for quite an amount of time and the patient wasn’t in any stress.”

Upon arriving at Flinders Medical Centre, Bridgette was compelled to undergo two surgeries, one of which involved the extraction of some of her teeth.

The 32-year-old university student experienced significant nerve damage and sustained several other injuries.

Great White shark. Credit: Alamy

However, Peters later informed Perth Now about his friend, who is presently receiving medical care in the hospital: “She’s doing really well considering the circumstances.”

Less than a month ago, a surfer faced a terrifying shark encounter on October 15th, more than 5,000 miles away from Adelaide, at Hanalei Bay in Hawaii.

On a serene Sunday in the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, Kevin Kanehe, a vibrant 50-year-old, found himself immersed in the enchanting waves. However, his peaceful encounter took a terrifying turn when a colossal 15-foot-long tiger shark launched a vicious attack, leaving him mauled.

As reported by Kevin and KGMB news, the surfer was attacked by the beast, causing it to sink its jaws into his left leg. In a desperate bid to free himself, the surfer instinctively thrust his fingers up the creature’s nostrils.

Fortunately, the tactic proved successful, halting the relentless assault and allowing Kevin to return safely to the shore. However, the surfer endured grave injuries that would confine him to a hospital bed.

Kevin was attacked by a Tiger shark. Credit: GoFundMe/Patricia Padilla

Despite the shark momentarily releasing its grip on his leg, the surfer came dangerously close to losing it entirely. According to doctors, the swift actions of the surfer played a crucial role in saving him, as the shark was unable to fully execute its bite.

Recalling the attack, the surfer vividly recounted his experience. He was peacefully paddling in the water, taking a moment to survey the sea when, suddenly, the shark emerged from the left side and latched onto him.

After managing to escape, a witness by the name of Jeff McBride came to his aid, assisting him to the shore. Meanwhile, an unidentified woman skillfully applied a tourniquet and bandages before emergency services arrived on the scene. Subsequently, he was swiftly transported to the hospital for further medical attention.