40 Horror movies on Netflix, if you dare.

Are you in search of the perfect film for your fright night? Get ready to scream because we have a curated selection of the finest horror movies, all conveniently available on Netflix.


Are you in search of the perfect film for your fright night? Get ready to scream because we have a curated selection of the finest horror movies, all conveniently available on Netflix.


The selection of Outer Space movies on the streaming service is truly captivating. From mind-bending psychological thrillers to intense vampire slaying and epic intergalactic invasions, there’s a spine-chilling film to satisfy every taste. Moreover, Netflix’s international offerings introduce a whole new dimension, featuring gems like the Indonesian masterpiece “May The Devil Take You” and the thought-provoking South Korean film “The Whole Truth.” Get ready to embark on an otherworldly cinematic journey!


Embrace your courage and continue reading to discover what you should stream next.

‘Creep’ (2015)

If you’re a fan of found footage, search no further than this Blumhouse film for your horror fix. When a struggling videographer takes on a job at a secluded cabin, he discovers that this is no ordinary film project. Mark Duplass delivers a chilling performance in this truly terrifying thriller, culminating in an ending that will haunt you for years to come.

‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ (2009)

Once upon a time, a family embarked on a new chapter in their lives by moving into a new house. Little did they know, this seemingly ordinary abode held a dark secret – it was once a funeral home. What followed were unimaginable horrors that tested the limits of the human imagination. If you have a penchant for spine-chilling tales, then “The Haunting in Connecticut” is the perfect choice for your next movie night. Starring Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner, this film guarantees to deliver an unforgettable blend of suspense and terror.

‘A Classic Horror Story’ (2021)

This is not your typical Italian getaway. In this gripping thriller, a group of strangers embarks on a journey through the picturesque landscapes of southern Italy, only to find themselves trapped in the depths of the mysterious woods. With their survival at stake, they must confront unimaginable challenges and fight for their lives. Will they emerge victorious from this harrowing ordeal?

‘Insidious: The Red Door’ (2023)

The fifth chapter of the “Insidious” franchise delivers the same level of terror as its predecessors. Directed and starring Patrick Wilson, the film portrays a father who accompanies his son to college, embarking on a new chapter of their lives. However, their past encounters with malevolent entities continue to haunt them individually. With a compelling storyline and chilling atmosphere, this installment is sure to captivate audiences once again.

‘Level 16’ (2018)

Two teenagers craft a bold plan to break free from a somber all-girls boarding school, where conformity is rigorously enforced and those who dare to defy the rules face severe consequences.

‘Hellhole’ (2020)

In 1987, a teenage militiaman infiltrates a secluded monastery. Within its walls, the monks run a clinic dedicated to the afflicted. Disguised as a cleric, he endeavors to unravel the mystery behind the vanishing of numerous mentally ill individuals, offering an explanation where none can be found.

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ (2021)

Ambar, portrayed by Cristina Rodlo, is an immigrant in pursuit of a brighter future in the United States. However, her aspirations take a dark turn as she finds herself trapped in a nightmarish situation, forced to reside in a boarding house.

‘Eli’ (2019)

With his anxious parents in tow, an 11-year-old boy burdened by a debilitating affliction seeks refuge in a secluded institution in hopes of undergoing experimental therapy. However, little does he know that once inside, escaping becomes an insurmountable challenge as he becomes trapped within the confines of a haunted facility, under the enigmatic supervision of a mysterious doctor.

‘Death Note’ (2017)

Leave behind the days of passing notes in class! Enter the realm of “Death Note,” where a supernatural notebook holds the power to end the life of anyone whose name is written within its pages. Unfortunately, this extraordinary book falls into the wrong hands, belonging to Light Yagami, who assumes the role of a god, deciding who lives and who dies. Joining Nat Wolff in this captivating tale are the talented LaKeith Stanfield and Margaret Qualley.

’47 Meters Down: Uncaged’ (2019)

Embarking on yet another thrilling adventure, four friends find themselves diving into the vast ocean, ready to explore its mysteries. As fate would have it, they stumble upon the eerie remains of a sunken Mayan city. Unbeknownst to them, this underwater wonderland has attracted a swarm of sharks, adding an unexpected twist to their expedition. With their air supply dwindling and the relentless pursuit of these predators, the teenagers are faced with a race against time. Navigating through a labyrinth of treacherous caves, they must find an escape route that leads them back to the safety of the surface.

‘The Invitation’ (2022)

Genetic testing frequently holds unexpected surprises for individuals. However, the revelation that awaits Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) surpasses all expectations in its extravagance. She discovers her connection to the inhabitants of opulent mansions and guardians of a mysterious genetic secret. Challenge yourself to unravel the enigma before she does.

‘Malevolent’ (2018)

Two siblings, who are small-time scammers, earn their living by deceiving grieving individuals with messages from “the dead.” However, during one of their visits, Angela (played by Florence Pugh) unexpectedly manages to establish a genuine connection with a ghost.

‘Cam’ (2018)

Madeline Brewer delivers an exceptional performance in this captivating psychological thriller, skillfully capturing the essence of the story set within the confines of a single room. Portraying a cam girl, she discovers the unsettling presence of an impersonator in the vast realm of the internet.

‘Day Shift’ (2022)

Jamie Foxx leads a double life in “Day Shift” – a pool cleaner by day and a vampire killer by night. Brace yourself for an abundance of bloodshed as his character eradicates vampires left and right, all while striving to mend his relationship with his ex-wife and navigate the challenges of co-parenting their young daughter.

‘Bird Box’ (2018)

If you haven’t watched “Bird Box” yet, now’s the perfect time to join the millions who have already enjoyed this record-breaking movie. In “Bird Box,” the antagonist is both invisible and airborne, capable of transforming into people’s deepest fears upon being seen. The only means of survival? Avoiding any glimpse. In a bid to escape these dire circumstances, a determined mother (portrayed by Sandra Bullock) courageously guides her children through a dense forest, relying solely on their blindfolded senses.

‘Hypnotic’ (2021)

Struggling with her misfortunes, Jenn Tompson (played by Kate Siegel) seeks solace in the office of a hypnotist, yearning for a positive transformation. Regrettably, the hypnotist capitalizes on Jenn’s vulnerable confessions, cunningly manipulating her thoughts and behaviors.

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (2022)

Netflix’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ puts a twist on the iconic franchise. In this reimagined 2022 version, a group of influencers visit the town where serial murderer Leatherface wreaked havoc for decades. Instead of fleeing away as quickly as possible, they decide to redevelop the now deserted Texas town so people will move back and create a neighborhood again. Leatherface, of course, cannot have that happen.

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ (2016)

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” tells a timeless tale: Alice Zander, a well-intentioned young girl (played by Elizabeth Reaser), yearns to reconnect with her late father. In a desperate attempt, she turns to a Ouija board, hoping for one last conversation. However, instead of reaching her father, the board unleashes a malevolent force from the depths of the universe. Alice must navigate a treacherous path, evading demons, until she can seal the portal opened by the board.

‘The Old Ways’ (2020)

Cristina Lopez, a Mexican American journalist portrayed by Brigitte Kali Canales, finds herself abducted in the cloud forest of Veracruz, Mexico. Her captors, convinced that a malevolent entity has imprisoned her, claim to possess the means to rescue her. Which is more unsettling: their deceit or their veracity?

‘Choose Or Die’ (2022)

Cristina Lopez, a Mexican American journalist brilliantly portrayed by Brigitte Kali Canales, becomes the unfortunate captive in the mystical cloud forest of Veracruz, Mexico. Her captors, firmly convinced of the presence of a malicious entity holding her hostage, assert their possession of the necessary means to effect her rescue. What proves more disconcerting: their deceitful claims or the potential truth behind them?

‘The Strays’ (2023)

In “The Strays,” Neve (played by Ashley Madekwe) is confronted with a past she has always tried to avoid. She has consistently denied her Black heritage as part of her biracial identity. However, when certain triggers resurface these suppressed emotions, she goes to great lengths to repress them once again.

‘We Have A Ghost’ (2023)

The Presley family rises to social media stardom when they start sharing videos of a ghost named Ernest haunting their house. Amidst the laughter and viral sensation, the CIA’s interest is piqued as they delve into Kevin, the father’s, connection to Ernest.

‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ (2020)

The Presley family gains social media fame as they begin sharing videos of a ghost named Ernest haunting their house. Amidst the laughter and viral sensation, the CIA becomes intrigued and starts investigating Kevin, the father, and his connection to Ernest.

‘May The Devil Take You’ (2018)

While it is not uncommon to encounter conflicts between stepmothers and daughters, the notion of evil spirits possessing stepmothers and compelling them to harm their stepdaughters is relatively rare. However, this is precisely the premise explored in the chilling film, “May The Devil Take You.”

‘Fear Street’ (2021)

“Fear Street” comprises a trilogy of films adapted from R.L. Stine’s renowned book series. Similar to Stephen King’s “It,” these movies expertly blend authentic thrills with a nostalgic homage to past eras.

‘Army of the Dead’ (2021)

In “Army of the Dead,” Las Vegas becomes a zombie-infested city, with the undead claiming control after everyone else flees. However, a courageous band of mercenaries steps forward, determined not to let the zombies reign supreme. They volunteer to venture into the occupied zone, ready to face the daunting challenge head-on.

‘The Whole Truth’ (2021)

When their mother is involved in a car accident, a brother and sister uncover the existence of previously unknown grandparents… and these grandparents hold secrets. The direction of “The Whole Truth” remains elusive, but once the truth is finally exposed, the reasons for its prolonged concealment will become clear.

‘Cargo’ (2018)

This film is brought to you by the same producer who brought us “The Babadook”. It explores the intertwined themes of family bonds and horror. Set in the midst of a zombie apocalypse in Australia, we witness the father, portrayed by Martin Freeman, facing the immense challenge of safeguarding his infant daughter from both unfamiliar individuals and his own infected self.

‘The Munsters’ (2022)

Once again, the tale unfolds: a vampire ensnared by love for Frankenstein, leading them to embark on an engagement. Alas, the father of the vampire, driven by an unwavering resolve, swears to extinguish the groom’s life before the sacred union can take place. Throughout the course of the movie, the trio experiences a tumultuous blend of affection and animosity. Indeed, which family has not encountered such captivating tensions?

‘Girls With Balls’ (2019)

A victorious local volleyball team embarks on their journey back home after winning the championship game. However, their triumphant return takes an unexpected turn as their van breaks down in a desolate and isolated location. To add to their misfortune, they find themselves stranded in an area patrolled by vigilant hunters.

‘Hollyblood’ (2022)

Admitting feelings to a crush can be challenging for high schoolers. But could becoming a vampire make them braver? In this unique twist, Javi decides to pretend to be a vampire, only to find himself pursued by a real vampire who poses a threat not only to his life but also to the life of his crush. This horror movie combines elements of suspense with a Spanish teen romantic comedy, creating a captivating and thrilling storyline.

His House’ (2020)

The horrors in “His House” unfold first in the real world, amidst war-torn South Sudan, and then transcend into the supernatural realm. This gripping tale follows a refugee couple as they navigate the challenges of resettling in a haunted house in England.

‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ (2023)

If you have a fascination for the supernatural, this movie is tailor-made for you. It revolves around the story of a chief exorcist from the Vatican who is summoned to rid a young boy of a demonic possession. In his quest to expel the malevolent entity, the exorcist delves into the hidden depths of the church, while simultaneously confronting his own personal flaws. Through a journey of discovery and redemption, he strives to liberate the boy from the clutches of darkness.

‘Lights Out’ (2016)

In the realm of adulthood, two siblings are confronted with a perplexing dilemma of distinguishing reality from illusion in the darkness. While grappling with a malicious supernatural entity intent on driving them to the brink of madness, their valiant efforts are focused on combating the malevolent force that relentlessly torments them.

Run Rabbit Run’ (2023)

In the realm of adulthood, two siblings face a bewildering dilemma as they struggle to discern between reality and illusion in the depths of darkness. While contending with a sinister supernatural entity determined to push them towards the edge of sanity, their courageous endeavors are directed towards combating the malevolent force that ceaselessly torments them.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ (2021)

“There’s Someone Inside Your House” is a chilling horror film that brings to life the gripping novel. Set in a small town, a group of high school seniors find themselves in a fight for survival as gruesome murders begin to haunt their community. Prepare to be captivated and terrified by this suspenseful tale.

‘I See You’ (2019)

Following the abduction of a boy in their town, Detective Greg Harper (played by Jon Tenney) and his wife Jackie (portrayed by Helen Hunt) find themselves encountering peculiar phenomena within the confines of their own home. As they navigate through these inexplicable occurrences, they are compelled to unravel the enigmatic puzzle that surrounds them.

‘Little Evil’ (2017)

Gary (played by Adam Scott) finds himself struggling to connect with his new stepson, leading him to question if he is actually raising the spawn of Satan. This satirical horror film promises to deliver a rollercoaster of emotions, with moments that will have you both covering your eyes and crying with laughter.

‘In the Tall Grass’ (2019)

Upon hearing the piercing screams of a young boy resonating from a grassy field by the roadside, two siblings bravely embark on a mission to rescue him. Alas, their valiant efforts are swiftly hindered as they come to the unsettling realization that their means of escape are unknown, while an eerie presence looms within the paranormal confines of the field.

‘Umma’ (2022)

Amanda (portrayed by Sandra Oh) and her daughter (played by Fivel Stewart) lead modest lives on their idyllic All-American farm. However, everything takes a dramatic turn when Amanda’s umma, the term for mother in Korean, passes away and her remains are sent to the farm. This event becomes a catalyst for unforeseen changes in their lives.