How Ariana Madix Is Making Her Revenge Tour Work For Her

Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules is in the process of rebuilding her life after being blindsided by a cheating scandal in March.


Ariana Madix from Vanderpump Rules is in the process of rebuilding her life after being blindsided by a cheating scandal in March. The unexpected betrayal by Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss left her devastated. It’s hard to believe that love could flourish between a mustached worm and a former beauty queen, but unfortunately, it did. However, Ariana’s not wasting any more tears on her aluminum loser. She’s moving forward, determined to overcome this hopeless situation and find happiness once again.


Ariana sought comfort in her circle of close friends, and even her fans, who showered her with unwavering support during the trying times. The Season 10 reunion showcased her strength as she fearlessly confronted her ex-lover, Tom, making it clear that his influence over her had diminished entirely.


Despite experiencing some post-traumatic stress disorder from the breakup, Ariana has managed to bounce back and embrace life once again. She is making the most of her success, relishing in her achievements and proving that she is far from letting her ex, Tom, bring her down. Discover the amazing post-Scandoval life of Ariana Madix and how she is thriving like never before.

Ariana Dresses for Success


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Unlike an ordinary individual who might have resorted to a disheveled appearance, indulging in comfort food to numb the pain, Ariana swiftly regained her composure and embarked on a revenge shopping spree for stylish outfits.

She not only flew to Mexico for her friend’s wedding, where she looked stunning in a pink ombre dress but also left Bravo’s king, Andy Cohen, speechless with her red reunion gown. Ariana revealed more than one aspect of herself, leaving little to the imagination.

The pinnacle of the whole experience was when Bloomingdale’s approached the blonde for a collaboration. Ariana looked absolutely breathtaking in a captivating photoshoot, standing in front of their flagship store in New York City. She gracefully adorned a stunning low-cut red dress, which seemed to hold a deeper meaning. Across various cultures, red is often associated with anger and rage, while its vibrant hue also bears a resemblance to human blood. Perhaps, Ariana’s choice of this striking color could be interpreted as a subtle message to Tom, hinting that his time may be running out.

Ariana, the Cover Girl


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When Glamour magazine calls, every woman knows the importance of answering. In the June 2023 edition, Ariana’s presence on the cover would have made Elle Woods herself proud. Dressed in jeans and a white tank top, Ariana gracefully revealed the layers of her grief and showcased her positive approach to moving forward. Instead of letting anger overshadow her, she provided a blueprint of strength and resilience for any woman who may have experienced a similar betrayal.

Ariana is truly embodying strength, freedom, and yes, prosperity, as recognized by Glamour. With nearly two million social media followers, she is paving the path to post-breakup triumph. Despite any temporary heartbreak, Ariana is now reveling in her success, thanks to numerous endorsement campaigns and her joint venture with Katie Maloney. Together, they have embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial endeavor – Something About Her, a delightful sandwich shop. Ariana’s journey is a testament to resilience and achievement.

Ariana Joined Dancing With the Stars


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This fall, Ariana will captivate viewers as she gracefully dances her way into their hearts. While she already boasts a dedicated fan base, she eagerly takes on the challenge of winning the esteemed Mirrorball Trophy. With the guidance of Derek Hough, renowned for his skills, fans of Vanderpump Rules will witness Ariana’s impressive Cha-Cha and Waltz, showcasing her genuine competitiveness and talent, as she surges ahead of the competition.

Here are a few potential song choices that she might consider: “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, or perhaps “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. Are these options too subtle?

Ariana displays a strong sense of purpose in her next endeavors. She is diligently growing her bank account, in contrast to Tom who faces challenges due to public backlash and business boycotts. While Ariana was once part of a shared brand with Tom, she now confidently stands as her own boss, refusing to accept anything less than what she deserves.