Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney star in first trailer for Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web

Featured Image Credit: Sony

Marvel has just unveiled the highly-anticipated first trailer for their latest film, “Madame Web“.


The much-awaited film is scheduled to hit screens next year. It features an impressive ensemble cast, including Sydney Sweeney from the acclaimed series Euphoria and Dakota Johnson, known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey.


Emma Roberts and Adam Scott are also included in the cast. Take a look!

Currently, the film merely possesses a concise synopsis.

It reads: “Spin-off from Spider-Man centering on a clairvoyant mutant named Madame Web.”

Up until now, the trailer has garnered a range of reviews from Marvel enthusiasts.

“This looks like a YouTube fan film are you serious Sony?!” questioned one person.

“I don’t know what to make of this,” said a second, as a third added: “Bro the jokes didn’t land the characters feel awkward as in the trailer.”

Dakota Johnson plays Madame Web. Credits: Sony

However, there were those who enthusiastically shared their anticipation for the forthcoming movie.

One fan said: “I had no expectation with this movie, but after watching trailer, now i am excited.”


“It’s amazing, I can’t wait,” added another, as someone else hailed it as looking ‘dope’.

Social media was abuzz with people expressing their excitement for the movie and eagerly discussing the possibility of a Spider-Man cameo.

“I hope that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man will appear in the credit scenes according to some rumour,” suggested one X user.

Another echoed: “Hope they cameo at least one Spider-Man variant in this.”

“Praying we somehow see Andrew in this,” a third said of Garfield.

Garfield’s portrayal as Spider-Man in No Way Home left Marvel fans astounded and deeply moved.

Andrew Garfield reprised his Spider-Man role in No Way Home. Credits: Sony

Tobey Maguire returned to his iconic role in the film, sharing the screen with the current Spider-Man, Tom Holland.

Maguire and Garfield kept their roles in the film a secret for months, even though there was constant speculation. They remained tight-lipped until its release, causing much anticipation and excitement.

During his conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, the individual, who is 40 years old, revealed that he had been entrusted with this secret for a duration of two years.

“I lied to the internet for two years and it felt great,” Garfield admitted at the time.

“It was fun to keep it secret. You know when you’re planning a surprise birthday party for someone and they’re like ‘I hate surprises, is the party happening’.”

If there’s someone you’d trust to keep a secret for you, it would undoubtedly be an accomplished actor who has won the prestigious Golden Globe Award.

Personally, I would have likely informed someone within a week. My apologies for the delay.