No Hard Feelings Review: Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Raunchy Comedy

Our review of No Hard Feelings, a new rated R comedy movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as the lead character.


What would you do for a free car?


In the sex comedy film “No Hard Feelings,” Jennifer Lawrence both produces and stars as Maddie, a struggling young Uber driver who agrees to date the son of a married couple in exchange for a Buick Regal after responding to their Craigslist advertisement.


No Hard Feelings is a comedy movie that was based on a real Craigslist ad. The movie creators stumbled upon the ad and turned it into a hilarious comedy. It is a great homage to the sex comedies that were popular in the 2000s, a genre that is not as common in today’s movies.

Gene Stupnitsky, who directed Good Boys and wrote notable episodes of The Office, demonstrates his comedic directing skills in this movie. The film follows a straightforward raunchy comedy style, which is rare in the current era of cinema that doesn’t favor the Judd Apatow style. However, it shares similarities with classics such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

The movie No Hard Feelings uses Jennifer Lawrence’s sex appeal to create humorous situations. The plot involves her trying to flirt with an awkward nineteen-year-old boy named Percy who is about to start college. The film derives its humor from the fact that a 30-something attractive woman is attempting to flirt with an inexperienced teenager who is completely oblivious to her advances. One of the highlights of the movie is watching Maddie’s repeated failed attempts to seduce Percy.

Lawrence’s performance is delightful and she fully commits to the role. Although she is known for serious projects like The Hunger Games, Mother!, and Causeway, her comedic talents shine in this film without missing a beat.

Feldman’s portrayal of Melvin as a shy, lovable guy is convincing and his initial bewilderment by Maddie is understandable. Although it’s not a typical romance, there’s a charming rom-com vibe that adds to its appeal.

This movie also has a significant amount of emotional depth. The characters are fleshed out and have a great dynamic with each other. However, due to this focus on characterization, No Hard Feelings may feel inconsistent at times, with certain scenes lacking impact. Additionally, most of the movie’s funniest moments are already revealed in the trailer.

Despite its bold humor, the movie still succeeds in being a great comedy. Given that it is rare for an R-rated comedy to be shown in theaters, some people may find it too inappropriate. Also, while it may not be as powerful as Stupnitsky’s previous works, it still represents a great success in the genre of sexual comedy.

SCORE: 7/10

According to Twist Koala’s review policy, a score of 7 means “Good” and indicates that the entertainment is worth checking out, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

Disclosure: Twist Koala attended a press screening for our No Hard Feelings review.