One Common Trait Found Amongst Every Millionaire

A financial analyst has shared the top money-saving habits after surveying close to 200 millionaires. 

Tom Corley, an accountant and financial expert, started creating surveys for millionaires in 2004. I’d also like to mention that Tom’s definition of “wealthy” is everyone who has accomplished an annual gross income of $160,000 and has $3.2 million in net assets. 

The Millionaire Phenomenon

Tom has fairly recently highlighted the three most common money-saving techniques that are known to all millionaires. Part of his research was published on CNBC. Tom also divides millionaires into 4 main categories.

“Saver-investors”, who usually involve themselves in saving and investment techniques. These millionaires have also made saving and investing a part of their everyday routine. 

“Company climbers”, are those millionaires who focus on climbing the corporate ladder. 

“Virtuosos”, those people who get deserving profits for what they instil in an operation. Tom said that they “are among the best at what they do, and they’re paid a high premium for their knowledge and expertise,”. 

“Dreamers”, are those people who contemplate and wish to construct their own business empire. 

That outlined for Him one key idea He turned out to be persuaded of, in spite of how distinctively millionaires earned their money, there are a few habits that can be found amongst all of them. And those habits are of saving and investing, for example.

“Every saver-investor in my study consistently saved 20 per cent or more of their net pay, each paycheque,” Tom wrote. 

Tom wrote. He even further found that 10% of that 20 per cent stacked up in retirement accounts. The other 10% went into their savings account. He figured it natural for wealthy people to stack around 10% there income into investment accounts as well. He later realised that’s why most of them manage to gain a passive income to get extra-rich.

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