Ultimate Heist: Top 10 Best Robbery Movies You Need to Watch

Top 10 Best Robbery Movies You Need to Watch

Nowadays robbery-type movies are summer staples and the time-tested tropes of the genre.



Nowadays robbery-type movies are summer staples and the time-tested tropes of the genre. There are a lot of people who like to watch heist movies. The director and writer now fulfilling the demand of their audience by producing heist content movies.


So, today we are going to discuss the movies whose stories are based on robbery. There are hundreds of movies so we summarized that list of the movie and discuss the 10 best movies. If you are reading this article I am sure that you are interested to watch these types of movies. That’s why you are here after reading the title so, we will not disappoint you.


1. Baby Driver:

The Baby Driver

The movie is quite interesting as people love the role of a baby who plays a driver role in the movie. I think no one drives a gateway car like the baby drives in the movie. Ansel Elgort’s name as a baby in the movie always contains hands-free glasses.

He continuously listens to music and always wears glasses no matter what is doing on in his surrounding he just doesn’t care. The moves of Baby behind the wheels are designed carefully as an elaborate dance. The beating heart moment of the movie is that point where the baby and Debora who is a dinner waitress romance. So basically there is a gang who did robbery in this movie and baby is the driver of that gang.

2. Fast Five:

Since Brian O’Conner and Mia Torretto release the brother of Torretto from police custody, they are traveling from border to border. Because they had to do one mission job so that they get freedom in the Country.

Brian and Dom make a team in which their racer friends are involved and they both took the charge of the team. Dom and Brian confront the businessman who is corrupt and want them dead in the past. The federal agent who is Dwayne Johnson will find all the trials.

3. Logan Lucky:

A West Virginia family person jimmy Logan makes a team with his one-armed brother Clyde and her sister Mellie. The purpose of making the team is to steal money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Caroline.

Jimmy Logan also hires a demolition expert whose name Joe Bang will help them in the track’s underground system. The problems are created when a few forces mix up and pull the heist in the NASCAR race. On the other hand, they are trying to dodge a relentless FBI agent.

4. The Town:

Doug MacRay leads the band of ruthless bank robbers and he has no real attachment expert for James who despite his dangerous attitude is like his brother. When James takes the employee of the bank Claire Keesey who is hostage then everything will change for Doug.

MacRay knows that Claire is now living in the gang neighborhood. Doug investigates Claire and discovers her and tries to identify what she knows. After that, they both fall in love and Doug gets rid of his criminal life but this will threaten Claire.

5. inside Man:

A detective name Denzel Washington balances with the bank robber Clive Owen as the crisis of tense hostage will unfolding. In the Volatile situation, there is a woman named Madaline who is the mysterious power broker.

An illegal boxing promoter who is Turkish trying to convince the gangster Brick Top he offers to bet on the bare-knuckle. He bet on the boxer on his bookie business. When Mickey doesn’t agree to the offer of his first fight then Brick demands another match.

6. Snatch:

Meanwhile, the four-finger gangster Frankie with four fingers comes to place a bet for the friend with Brick top bookies. As multiple criminals want to get the stolen diamond that Frankie has come to London to sell that diamond.

7. The Italian Job:

After the heist in Venice, Steve turns on his partners in the crime for killing the safecracker John Bridger and keeping all the gold himself. Except this, the entire team including the leader Charlie Croker, diver man Handsome Rob, tech geek Lyle, and the explosive man Mos Def will pledge revenge. They help the daughter of Bridger Stella try to recover the gold from Steve in the Los Angeles Mansion.

8. Ocean’s Eleven:

Danny Ocean is the man of his action and less than 24 hours into his pardon a New Jersey prison. An attractive thief is already rolling out his next plan. There are three rules that Danny always follows in his life and this is the reason why he is a sophisticated casino heist in history. The following three rules are don’t hurt anybody, don’t steal something from anyone who will don’t deserve it, and play a game like you have nothing to lose.

9. Heist:

Joe Moore is a thief in the movie and he loves his job. But unfortunately, he gets caught by the security camera tape. Moore fenced Bergman to withdraw the money that he owned. Joe’s wife Rebecca also betrays Moore with the young lieutenant Sam Rockwell. Joe Moore, his partner Bobby Blane, and their utility man Pinky Pincus found themselves broke and betrayed by people and also they got blackmailed. Someone forced Moore to do his commit his last big crew job.  

10. The Thomas Crown Affair:

Thomas Crown who is a Bored Billionaire decides to entertain himself that they steal a Monet from the reputed museum. When the investigator Catherine banning for the museum insurance company take the interest in the crown. The back-and-forth complicated games begin with the romantic undertones between them. Crown did an attempt to analyze the loyalties of the banning and that will a lie then crown returns the painting suddenly and turn himself in. Thomas Crown hopes that the feeling of the Banning will lead him to an escape.


These are the top 10 best robbery movies that we discuss here. I hope that after reading this article you will attract to the stories of these movies and try to watch any robbery movie. One of my favorites in this list is fast five and baby driver. Because these movies attract me to watch them again and again.